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Doux Amour (no box)
Eau de Parfum

A seductive exotic mix of spices from souks of Africa, amber, vanilla, Casablanca lily and essences of Arab-Morrish splendor that pulsate creating a nectar for a Goddess

20% Fragrance Oil Made in USA


Marrakech, known for its opulent hidden palaces, mosques and gardens, is embraced by, valleys and deserts of golden sand. The Arab-Moorish culture and its lavish fabrics, spices and music evoke a sensory splendor that pulsate to spin a perfume for a Goddess. Voyages by camel to remote villages, lead to unknown paths. Colorful flowers and exotic scents embrace these secret passages where laughter is heard, gastronomy is alive and the Moroccan culture is rich. The night ends as the sun demurely sets, and the moon shines brightly. The humanity of the people and culture in this romantic land inspired the fragrance of Sweet Love. The goddess scent. 

Sandalwood, amber, Moroccan jasmine, patchouli, ylang ylang, Casablanca lily, and vanilla.